Museo delle armi Luigi Marzoli

Luigi Marzoli Weapons Museum

In one of the più areas; Ancient Castle, the Visconti Keep, is the Weapons Museum“ Luigi Marzoli” inaugurated in 1988 on the setting up of Carlo Scarpa, to host one of the più ; richest European collections of armor and ancient weapons, that tell the long tradition of gun making Brescia, documenting l’ technological and artistic evolution from the fifteenth to the eighteenth century.

Arms Museum Brescia is born thanks to the’ acquisition of the work of knight collection Luigi Marzoli, successful entrepreneur, at the Museumè entitled. Throughout his life, Marzoli acquist memorize options a rich collection of arms and armor, constituting one of the più private collections; important in the world. In his will leave memorize options the precious collection to the cityà Brescia, which s’ impegn memorize options to create a Museum of Arms in the castle of the cityà.

L’ importance of Marzoli collection, to which were added the weapons and armor già present in the civic collections, resides not only in the amountà and qualityà the pieces, but also in their selection. L’ work of the rider intent was not just to collect better items and moreù rare for sale, but witness the’ important arms production, which has always characterized the Brescia area and, moreù in general, Lombardy.&Nbsp;

For lovers of architecture and of’ ancient art, a visit to the Museum of Arms can appreciate portions of paintings Visconti era that decorate the halls of the Keep. To create a gallery context full of atmosphereè Also the co-existence of a Roman temple from the first century A.D., of whichè visible the perimeter of the foundations and a’ wide staircase.


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Via del Castello, 9
25121 Brescia


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