The Botanic gardens "Lorenzo Lota" is located on Colle Aperto in the Upper Town. It can be considered as a natural outdoor laboratory where you can enjoy a wide selection of exotic and indigenous plants. The garden was named after Lorenzo Rota-known physician and botanist who first spoke of this flora in the Bergamo province. In addition to 10,000 samples and 50,000 exiccata collected by him are kept inside dell'Orto. The Botanical Garden was opened in 1972 by Luciano Malachini, scholar and lover of natural history, and Guido Isneghi, Aircraft and knowledge of the local flora. The Botanic gardens to visitors the opportunity to get to know different botanical species: carnivorous, aquatic and medicinal. In addition there is also a greenhouse dedicated to succulent plants. A treat exceptional is the wonderful view to the Alps Orobiche with Alta City background. The educational services are at the center of educational activities for children and families as a social aggregation method and, thanks to interactive engagement methodologies.

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Scaletta Colle Aperto
24129 Bergamo

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