Planetario di Lecco

Planetary of Lecco

Since its opening in January 2005 and over the years, the Civic Planetarium of Lecco, managed by the Deep Space Astrofili Group, has established itself as a scientific pole, as well as a meeting place, where to acquire and exchange knowledge, ideas and experiences in an environment informal, but at the same time welcoming and charming, drawing on varied and high-level skills. Sharing, involvement (with also fun), emotion and passion are key points.

The dome of eight meters in diameter can accommodate 62 people and houses the real Planetarium, with an optical projector: thanks to this it is possible to witness a spectacular projection that simulates the vision of a dark and serene night populated by thousands of stars, the the same of a sky that can be actually observed under ideal conditions of visibility from any point on the Earth at any date and time of any historical or future era, thus experiencing its wonder.

It is possible to see 3200 stars, the Milky Way, sunrise and sunset, as well as view the celestial coordinates, the cardinal points, the mythological vision of the Zodiac constellations and more.


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Corso Matteotti, 32
23900 Lecco


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