Bora Museum

The Bora Museum

The Magazzino dei Venti of the Bora Museum is the space of wind and imagination. Open since 2004, it represents the first nucleus of a museum dedicated to the wind that is there soul of the city .

A small museum that dreams of growing, now mentioned in all the guides.

A "museum in progress" where you can discover, in an intimate and collected dimension, aeolian curiosities from Trieste and the world. From the famous ropes once used in places most exposed to gusts, up to the windy, Slovenian, Austrian or Bali scarecrows.

A participatory museum that involves the people of Trieste with their memories,

but also visitors to the city, who can become Wind ambassadors” simply by bringing a wind into the container that most inspires them.

The Magazzino dei Venti has three sections: the Archive of the Bora Museum, consisting of a small library and audiovisual and multimedia materials; the Archive of the Polli family which preserves various materials collected by a great scholar of the subject, Professor Silvio Polli; the Archive of the Winds of the World which includes a fun collection of winds from various geographical areas in customized containers.

An original exhibition space to be discovered in 20 stages, namely: " 20 clues for a museum ".

You cannot leave the Magazzino dei Venti without having learned to make a pinwheel, the simplest wind game.


Permanent Collection

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Via Belpoggio, 9
34123 Trieste


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