Curated by: Anna Daneri, Lorenzo Giusti

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From 15 October 2021 the GAMeC of Bergamo presents Nulla è perduto. Art and matter in transformation, curated by Anna Daneri and Lorenzo Giusti, the second chapter of the Trilogy of Matter, a multi-year exhibition project inaugurated in October 2018 with the Black Hole exhibition. Art and materiality between Formless and Invisible.

The project involves art historians, curators, philosophers and scientists to address a transversal discourse around the theme of matter, simultaneously activating a dialogue with the history of scientific discoveries and with the development of aesthetic theories. The program includes a cycle of three exhibitions, accompanied by as many publications, characterized by the presence of authors and works of different generations.

After the first appointment of the cycle, dedicated to the essence of matter in dialogue with the theories of modern physics, the second exhibition scheduled looks at the work of artists who, at different times, have investigated the transformations of matter by drawing inspiration from the life of the elements to develop a reflection on the reality of things, on change and on time.

"Rien ne se perd (nothing is lost)" is the opening words of the famous maxim attributed to Lavoisier with which the French chemist explained the general meaning of his law of conservation of mass, which stated that, during a chemical reaction , the sum of the masses of the reactants is equal to the sum of the masses of the products. Matter, in other words, is neither created nor destroyed.

Some key ideas for modernity would have sprung from this fundamental principle, which would have led to the definition of the theory of relativity, to the identification of a substantial equivalence between mass and energy and therefore to the belief, told by scientists, artists, philosophers, of a always alive matter, always present, and of a world in continuous transformation.


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Via San Tomaso, 53
24121 Bergamo


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Until 16 October 2022

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Until 08 January 2023

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