The Roman Theater of Benevento can be dated between the late first and early second century A.D., is located in the western part of the ancient city. The monument, whose auditorium measuring about 98 meters in diameter, is constructed of cementitious operates with hangings in blocks of limestone and clay. The tiers and the frons scenae were coated marble, as well as marble slabs and stucco, still partially preserved, decorated the aulae, the two open spaces that, through corridors (parodoi), enter the orchestra. The auditorium, a semicircular shape, is formed on substructures and has three orders: Tuscan, Ionic and Corinthian. Of these it retains only the lower order, consisting of twenty-five arches on pillars with Tuscanic semicolons. The arches of the auditorium, with wide frame finished, presented as a once configured reliefs keys consisting of busts in the lower order and, most likely, by masks in the higher orders. Some of these masks have been reused in the Old Town buildings, which are still visible. The auditorium ended at the top with a gallery, in which opened niches.

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Piazza Ponzio Telesino
82100 Benevento


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