The Museum is dedicated to Medardo Rosso eponymous "Impressionist" artist known for his wax sculptures looking melancholy infused. The Museum is located in Barzio, a small town on Lake Como, the city where the artist was wont to spend summers with his mother. On the death of Medardo, his son Francis decided to collect all the works created and remained in the two trials in Milan and Paris. The Museum was founded in 1928 in the ancient oratory of San Giovanni Battista, an ancient architecture in 1600, it restored by Portalupis. Today, the Museum houses a rich collection of sculptures, drawings and photographs that tell the artistic life of Medardo Rosso. Among the works in the museum we include: "The man who reads and sick to the hospital", "La femme a la Voilette" and "the conversation in the garden." Also, you can admire the original construction with sculptures on the trestles and original windows.

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