The Municipal Gallery of Assisi is located in Vallemani Palace in the historic city center. The gallery is housed in the halls of the main floor of the baroque dwelling that presents in a perfect state of preservation the frescoed times in the seventeenth century by Tuscan and Umbrian painters. The Art Gallery houses a large number of paintings on wood and canvas, as well as of frescoes detached from the Medieval and Renaissance period from religious and civil buildings of the area. The collection has been brought together in one place as a result of the unification of Italy to prevent the dispersal of the artistic heritage of the city. One of the most famous works on display in the Gallery is certainly "Majesty" attributed to Giotto. Other paintings of great interest owned by Pietro Perugino, Nicolà Liberatore, Ottaviano Nelli and Puccio Capanna. The most important aspect of this museum collection is the reconstruction of the origin and history of the works, to drive the most viewers during the visit. On the ground floor of the Art Gallery you can visit a multimedia room that documents the history and evolution of urban planner of the city of Assisi. The gallery now hosts temporary exhibitions and cultural events.

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Via San Francesco, 12
06081 Assisi

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