The tower of Cicero

The Tower of Cicero is located on the so-called Acropolis of Arpino, referred to in the land registry of 1581 as "Civitas Ciceroniana". The residence owned by the family of Cicero, inherited from Quinto, brother of the great writer, was believed to be located in the ancient village surrounded by the Cyclopean walls. The Tower was therefore included in the Ciceronian village and considered as a residual part of it. However, the first nineteenth-century investigations did not reveal any residential area, but could only ascertain the survival of a toponymy, which identified a wall called "di Cicero" and a Via Cicera, both handed down by oral tradition. From that moment the Tower was therefore called "of Cicero". On the main floor of the tower, an educational section illustrates the history of the monument and the territory, from the cyclopean walls to the events of the city through its most illustrious men in history and art. The Acropolis of Arpino is one of the most important archaeological sites for the knowledge of the megalithic architecture of southern Lazio, not only for the great extension of the walls but also for the period to which their construction dates back, which according to some academics can be placed in full Iron Age, VIII / VII century BC

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Località Civitavecchia
03033 Arpino


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