the Ladislao Castle of Arpino is the seat of the Umberto Mastroianni Foundation, International Center of Visual Arts. The donation of 81 works by the artist marks the definitive birth of a project of great artistic-cultural depth. The Foundation, with its wide-ranging national and international cultural initiatives, is configured as a propulsive center for significant artistic proposals essential for the cultural enhancement of the Province of Frosinone and for all of central and southern Italy. At the Castle of Ladislao it is possible to visit the Mastroianni Donation consisting of 81 works, to which others have been added, representative of the intense artistic career of the Master, from the years of training through the study of classical models, to elaboration, to starting from the 40s, of an exquisitely personal style. Furthermore, in order to enhance important and significant figures of the Mastroianni family, sections dedicated to Domenico and Alberto Mastroianni have been set up; The Mastroianni and the Cinema: Marcello and Ruggero; The Mastroianni potters: Arcangelo, Felice, Vincenzo and Emilio. Among the aims of the Foundation there is the enhancement of the artists of the Frosinone area, in particular of young talents. Periodically, in order to promote knowledge of modern art, the Foundation organizes exhibitions of modern and contemporary artists. The Modern Arts section collects the works of both artists to whom the Foundation has dedicated personal exhibitions and the most representative artists of the province of Frosinone: V. Balsamo, G. Carboni, E. Carmi, L. Dall'Olio, F. Gismondi , V. Grinberg, F. Ippoliti, S. Lancioni, A. Lombardi, A. Loreti, G. Martinelli, V. Miele, A. Mirò, F. Rea, G. Riccardi, M. Romani, I. Scelza, and other.

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