The National Museum of Medieval and Modern Art in Arezzo is located in the historic building Bruno Ciocchi. The Renaissance palace is one of the most majestic located in the city center. The palace was built in 1434 by Bernardo Rossellino and spread over three floors around a large courtyard. The National Museum of Medieval and Modern Art is considered among the most interesting of Tuscany for the rich and diverse collection that reflects the different backgrounds and artistic development of Arezzo. The Museum was founded in 1958 and the collection was expanded greatly with works from the Florentine Galleries deposits. The birth of the museum is due to the will to enclose in one place the huge artistic heritage belonged to various city collections. Today the museum houses important works of medieval and Renaissance artists such as Giovanni Agnolo Balducci, Guariento of ARPO, Pietro Lorenzetti, Luca Signorelli and Giorgio Vasari. Di Giorgio Vasari remember the work on display in the main hall "A feast for the wedding of Esther and Ahasuerus."

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via san Lorentino, 8
52100 Arezzo


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