Palazzo Taglieschi

Palazzo Taglieschi is located in the famous city of Anghiari in the province of Arezzo. The Palace is the seat of the Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions of the Upper Tiber Valley. The Museum was founded in 1975 and houses works of art from the Middle Ages to the eighteenth century. The Renaissance building preserves inside the museum collection with sculptural fragments and detached frescoes. Of great importance are the masterpieces of the Madonna and Child by Jacopo della Quercia and the "Nativity" attributed to the workshop of Andrea della Robbia. There are also works by the artists Giovanni Antonio Sogliani, Matteo Rosselli, Jacopo Vignali, Giovan Battista Ghidoni of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Of great value is also the table organ from the first half of the sixteenth century still in working order, considered unique in its kind. A museum room is dedicated to the collection of the dressed up Madonnine that testify to popular devotion. The tour ends in a glazed loggia with a scenic view of the village of Anghiari.

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Piazza Goffredo Mameli, 16
52031 Anghiari


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