The seat of the Archaeological Museum of ancient Allifae consists of a modern building located near the town hall and the historic center, which is still delimited by the imposing Roman walls. The museum now contains the evidence relating to the various phases of human occupation in the area, in particular relating to prehistory and pre-Roman times, through the findings made during recent archaeological investigations carried out by the Superintendency. The exhibition consists of the exhibition in a large room of numerous finds (weapons and lithic tools, ceramic and glassware, metal objects) distinguished by chronological and / or territorial contexts (Monte Cila, Roccavecchia di Pratella, materials from necropolis ), illustrated with explanatory panels accompanied by graphic and photographic documentation. At the back of the room there is also part of a fresco in the IV style from a Roman domus along the decumanus maximus of the ancient city, explored in the early 1990s. In a room below there are also fragments of mosaic floors with black and white geometric decorations dating back to between the 1st century BC and the 1st century AD removed from other houses in the ancient city. These finds constitute as many testimonies of the Roman phase of the colony, which together with the sculptures, inscriptions and other objects, coming from the recent investigations carried out in the urban center of Alife and in the surrounding area, will be included in the section relating to the Roman period in the expansion project of the museum. The establishment of an Archaeological Museum in Alife, together with the rearrangement of the important documents, especially epigraphic and sculptural documents of the Roman age, but also pertinent to the Samnite and medieval ages, preserved in the former convent of San Domenico in Piedimonte Matese, is part of a global plan for the creation of a network of territorial museums, aimed at enhancing the historical-archaeological heritage and revitalizing, also from the tourist, socio-economic and cultural points of view, significant centers of internal Campania.

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Piazza XIX Ottobre
81011 Alife


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