Pirandello's house

The House of Luigi Pirandello is located overlooking the sea of Agrigento, near the famous Scala dei Turchi. The birthplace of Luigi Pirandello - rural construction of the eighteenth century. Declared a national monument in 1949, it was purchased in 1952 by the Sicilian Region, which oversaw its restoration and arrangement. Luigi Pirandello was born there on June 28, 1867: the family had taken refuge here to escape the cholera epidemic that raged in Sicily that year. In the rooms on the upper floor, the documents that mark the stages of the writer's literary production are exhibited, starting from the youthful period of his high school studies at the Regio Liceo Vittorio Emanuele II in Palermo. On the ground floor a collection of paintings illustrates the artistic production of Rosolina, sister of the playwright, of Luigi himself and of his son Fausto. Outside, an evocative path leads to the area of the "Pino" and the "rough stone" which since 1961 has welcomed the ashes of the illustrious Agrigento, respecting the last wishes written in his hand.

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Strada Statale 115,
92100 Agrigento


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