Palladio Museum

Palladio Museum

The Palladio Museum belongs to the Andrea Palladio International Center for Architecture Studies, one of the most important research institutes in the world on Renaissance architecture, as well as one of the rare international places of higher education where the official language is still Italian.

Since 2012, the Palladio Museum has been enhancing and making the monumental spaces of Palazzo Barbarano fully accessible to the public, the only building designed by Palladio that he was able to see completed both in terms of architecture and decorations. It is a museum-laboratory, conceived as an interface through which specialized research on Palladio and the architecture of the past is told to a vast and varied public: an Italian and foreign public made up of tourists, enthusiasts, university students, children and students of all ages, for which ad hoc laboratories and educational projects have been built over the years.

The Palladio Museum's mission is to make architecture within the reach of non-architects, telling a story not of buildings, but of the men who wanted, conceived and communicated them. And it does so by showcasing the tools of the vehicle of this thought, the drawings and printed books, together with models, photographs and videos. The Palladio Museum also has rooms for temporary exhibitions, where it regularly organizes exhibitions dedicated to the culture of architecture from antiquity to the twentieth century

With the Palladio Museum, the Foundation contributes to the cultural and artistic life of the city of Vicenza and manages its own Library with a collection of around 50,000 works and the Photo Library with over 25,000 photographs, both private but usable by the public.

© Filippo Romano 2020 - © Pino Guidolotti 2007 - © Francesco Marcorin 2021


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Contra’ Porti 11
36100 Vicenza


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