The Camillo Leone Museum in Vercelli houses a heterogeneous and eclectic collection: prehistoric weapons, Egyptian tombs, Etruscan vases, medieval mosaics, porcelain, silver and modern paintings. The Roman room is of great impact, with the famous Celto-Latin stele which in 1991 opened the exhibition of the Celts in Venice (Palazzo Grassi). Dedicated to the notary Camillo Leone (1830-1907), the museum was born from his love for his native land, from his passion for art and from the desire to collect and preserve the memories and testimonies of Vercelli's history. Camillo Leone was able to devote himself to increasing the vast collections of historical artifacts and ancient objects with breadth of means and time, which he was gathering in Palazzo Langosco, his home, and which in 1907 he bequeathed to the Institute of Fine Arts of Vercelli, of which he was an academic partner and administrator.

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