The MAC Archaeological Museum of Vercelli is located in the so-called "medieval sleeve" of the former monastery of S. Chiara near the historic center of Vercelli. Named after the Barnabite father Luigi Bruzza, an illustrious scholar who devoted himself to the history and archeology of Vercelli. The exhibition preserves archaeological finds resulting from exclusively urban stratigraphic excavations carried out in the last 30 years or so and which allow to reconstruct many aspects of life in the ancient city of Vercellae and the previous pre-Roman settlement of the Libui. The set-up includes the display of many exhibits placed both inside luminous showcases and, in some cases, outside of them; therefore the adoption of explanatory panels, reconstructive videos, touch screens and video projectors, contributes to making the path more immediate and usable to a wide audience. The exhibition rooms are seven, located on the first floor and follow a chronological and thematic path.

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Corso Libertà, 300
13100 Vercelli


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