Palazzo Alfieri

Palazzo Alfieri

Palazzo Alfieri is the birthplace of the famous poet Vittorio Alfieri (who was born here on January 16, 1749), but also the headquarters of the Centro di Studi Alfieriani and the Eugenio Guglielminetti Foundation, which exhibits the art collections and works of one of the most important set designers of the second half of the twentieth century. A visit to its historical and artistic heritage allows you to discover some characters who have contributed to giving prestige to the name of the city. The building binds its name not only to Vittorio, but also to another Alfieri: Benedetto, uncle of the poet and important architect who in the mid-18th century redesigned parts of the building (of medieval origin). The courtyard is remarkable, characterized by a lively and highly scenographic architecture, which seems to welcome the visitor with a hug. In the recently restored rooms of the palace, you can see some furnishings from the birthplace of Vittorio Alfieri and some objects that testify to the poet's literary activity, travels and passions. The bust of Vittorio Alfieri located in the courtyard unequivocally underlines the connection between the building and the poet. It was placed here in 1923, when the building was donated by Count Ottolenghi to the Municipality of Asti. Vittorio Alfieri lived in this building until the age of five. He then moved to another home in Asti until the age of nine, and then to the Royal Academy of Turin to study. From there he undertook numerous trips to Europe, becoming the protagonist of the cultural, political and literary panorama of the time. He died in Florence on October 8, 1803. During his life he wrote nineteen tragedies, an autobiography and some treatises in defense of freedom against tyranny: an example is “Del Principe e delle Letter”. The city cannot miss a center dedicated to the study of the life, works and cultural influence exercised by the great poet from Asti. The Center (established in 1937) deals with the organization of events and reviews dedicated to Vittorio Alfieri, as well as with the publication of reprints and new critical works. It has two specialized libraries. The Eugenio Guglielminetti Foundation, established in 1998 by Maestro Eugenio Guglielminetti (Asti, 1921-2006), collects the testimonies of five decades of artistic, pictorial, sculptural and scenographic activity, alongside the collections of modern and contemporary authors.


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Corso Alfieri, 365
14100 Asti


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