Palazzo Fortuny

Palazzo Fortuny

Palazzo Fortuny, in the city of Venice, is a house-museum that belonged to the brilliant Mariano Fortuny.

Since 1975, when the museum was opened, Palazzo Fortuny has been one of the references in Venice for the visual arts and a masterful example of Venetian Gothic.

Despite a series of criminal looting of the furnishings that took place in previous years, the museum which appears as a house-museum rather than a real museum, has become over the years a center of exhibition activities dedicated to the visual arts, while preserving intact the characteristics of what was Mariano Fortuny's favorite studio on the first noble floor.

Just as its precious library is intact: it is also very rich in furnishings, objects and precious volumes of art and technique. From the collection of paintings, to the precious fabrics that entirely cover the walls, to the famous lamps, everything is evidence of the artist's brilliant inspiration between experimentation and innovation, everything is evidence of his presence on the international intellectual and artistic scene at the turn of the 19th century.

The museum collections of Palazzo Fortuny consist of a rich collection of works and materials that well represent the different results of the artist's research: painting, sculpture, lighting, theater, photography, textiles and clothing. There are also numerous artworks inherited from his father, Mariano Fortuny Marsal, lovingly preserved since the untimely death of the Catalan painter.

Furthermore, new collections and archival funds, the result of donations, transfers and bequests from artists and photographers, have implemented the already substantial artistic heritage preserved.


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San Marco 3958,
30124 Venezia


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