Museo archeologico nazionale di Venezia

The Archeological Museum of Venice

The National Archaeological Museum of Venice is a state museum that exhibits sculptures of classical Greek and Roman art, bronzes, ceramics, gems and coins, and a small collection of Egyptian and Assyrian-Babylonian antiquities.

The museum, with a strong collectible character, is mainly made up of materials from private collections of distinguished Venetian families, donated to the city starting from the sixteenth century. The origins of the museum, in fact, date back to the testamentary legacy of Domenico Grimani and to the donation of his nephew Giovanni, respectively in 1523 and 1587, by virtue of which most of their ancient sculptures (over two hundred), which went to establish the Public Statuary.

Typical expression of Renaissance taste, the Statuary was set up in 1596 in the Antisala of the San Marco Library; further donations enriched it during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, until, in 1812, by edict of Eugenio de Beauharnais, all the marbles were transferred to the Doge's Palace.


Permanent Collection

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Piazza S. Marco, 17/52
30124 Venezia


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