Museo Archeologico di Venafro

Archaeological Museum

Housed in the seventeenth-century monastery of  Santa Clara, in the historic center of the cityà ;, the Archaeological Museum collects artifacts from’ età Prehistoric until’ medieval times from the territory of the’ former Venafrum . Opened to the public in 1931 with a small exhibition of archaeological material, it was used as a shelter for evacuees during the Second World War. Since 1996 he reopened to the public with a new and moreù extended allestimento.Attraverso the two floors of the museum unravels the ancient history of the cityà ;, that important Samnite settlement, became in Roman times one of the più centers; flourishing in the region, particularly famous for the production of oil.

The richness of Venafrum Romanè attested by the decorations of the monumental buildings and patrician houses: frescoes, mosaics, colored marble , and especially Statues, including the famous Venus Venafro .In the Project area’ medieval are of particular importance the chess Venafro , made moreù a thousand years ago during the Arab domination of the cityà and considered among the mostù antique Europa.Un’ wing, recently set up, maintains the findings of the monastery of San Vincenzo al Volturno, considered one of the più Benedictine important sites of High Middle Ages.


Permanent Collection

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Corso Garibaldi, 8
86079 Venafro


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