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FMAV Fondazione Modena Arti Visive opens the exhibition Yuval Avital on 23 March 2023 from 18 to 20 at Palazzo Santa Margherita. About birds , a large project between visual arts, technologies and music by the Israeli artist and composer, born in 1977 in Jerusalem.

Curated by Elisa Camesasca , the exhibition was born in close correlation with the world premiere of the icon-sound work of the same name for string quartet created by Avital during the first lockdown, and which will take place at the Pavarotti-Freni Municipal Theater in Modena , directed by Aldo Sisillo, on March 24th. To rework and reconnect to the experience lived by everyone in 2020, in June 2022 Avital self-recludes for a week with three Israeli musicians from the Ensemble Meitar in an ancient villa on the Modena hills where, under the guidance of the artist, the participants undergo slowly a metamorphosis into birds.

The exhibition will return the process through photographs, images and video projections derived from the performance and from Birdscores , a generative application programmed by the artist specifically for the project, narrating the various stages of transformation of the characters, and which will lead the public along an immersive journey and unusual in a profound and dreamlike journey into the artist's universe.

Birdscores composes images derived from the union of Avital's works with photos selected by him depicting birds and with evocative abstract images, randomly juxtaposed next to sounds and finally projected on the wall and on the artists' bodies, together with textual instructions on gestures and actions artistic that the performers must perform, with precise indications on how, when and for how long. At the same time it also generates 'mandalas', i.e. intuitive visual references created from sharp, distorted or pixellated images of Avital's paintings or from images of birds seen in different natural scenarios, to inspire interpreters in their search for an initial subtext within the scene, and at the same time to detach them from the present flow.

The pictorial works painted by Avital during the first lockdown will also be exhibited: a large series of watercolors, acrylics, ink and tempera, entitled Birds , executed between March and June 2020, and which stages a multitude of birds, a recurring presence in the artist's work, whether they are multicolored fantastics, or captured in different moments, from life to death, in groups or alone. But also anthropomorphic animals that cross their frailties with those of the human being.


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Corso Canalgrande, 103
41121 Modena


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