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Brescia Museums Foundation presents Archaeological Stages from Friday 11 June 2021 to Sunday 9 January 2022. Curatorial interventions by Francesco Vezzoli, an unpublished site-specific exhibition project that is part of the project line of exhibitions conceived by the Brescia Museums Foundation, chaired by Francesca Bazoli and directed by Stefano Karadjov, to combine his great historical and archaeological heritage with the most interesting voices of contemporary art.

Archaeological stages sees Francesco Vezzoli (Brescia, 1971) among the most known and appreciated Italian authors on the international scene, protagonist in the dual role of artist and curator of a path of placing eight of his works within the suggestive archaeological spaces of the Brescia Foundation Museums.

The initiative is part of the program of celebrations for the return to the city of Brescia of the Winged Victory, the Roman bronze which, after the restoration carried out at the Opificio delle Pietre Dure in Florence, set up again in its ancient location in the Capitolium of the Archaeological Park of Brescia Romana, now spreads its wings until it touches contemporaneity.

The project participated in and won the call of the Italian Council (7. Edition, 2019), a program for the promotion of Italian contemporary art in the world of the Directorate General for Contemporary Creativity of the Ministry of Culture, thanks to which the work Nike Metafisica (2019) by Francesco Vezzoli will become part of the collections of the Municipality of Brescia managed by the Brescia Museums Foundation. Archaeological Stages was awarded for its great design quality and for its ability to make contemporary art resonate with archeology and ancient art, in a coherent and harmonious way.

The curatorial interventions of Francesco Vezzoli wind their way through Brixia. Archaeological Park of Brescia Romana, where the Vittoria Alata is located, and of the Santa Giulia museum complex. The route starts from the terrace and from the first two cells of the Capitolium, continuing in the Republican Sanctuary, until reaching the Roman Theater, then passing to the chapel of Sant'Obizio in the Basilica of San Salvatore, in the Domus dell'Ortaglia and along the Roman section of the museum, involving the most significant spaces of the UNESCO site of Brescia, registered in the World Heritage List since 2011 in the serial site "The Lombards in Italy the Places of Power (568-774 AD)".


Timetable and tickets


Via dei Musei, 81/b
25121 Brescia


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