closed Marisa and Mario Merz

Curated by: Mariano Boggia

The show

“Marisa and Mario Merz. The tip of the pencil can perform an overtaking of conscience ”is an unpublished exhibition project, curated by Mariano Boggia, which presents, in the particular light of this time, the work of Marisa and Mario Merz.

Rare were the exhibitions dedicated exclusively to the art of Marisa and Mario together.

Their works manifest different expressive modalities, but closely linked and interacting, as the two artists have always been closely united and inseparable: together they worked in the spaces of the studio and the home, together they moved in the world, each exerting stimuli on the other, encouragement and protection.

Their individual activity took place in this proximity, sustained by the same energy in a continuity of artistic creation that changed the very nature of time.

An infinite present time is the dimension in which Marisa dedicated herself to the study of the structure of the female figure with drawing, painting, sculpture.

In an infinite present time Mario has re-proposed his igloo through the use of always different materials as well as enriched his reinvented nature with the creation of drawings that appear as anatomy tables, zoological atlases, giant herbaria ...

Even the space is reinvented, the house-studio is no different from the museum: in this exhibition a dense network of works, for the most part never before exhibited, are immersed in a continuous dialogue and occupy an environment marked by the neon of the Fibonacci numbers , in a vertigo that re-proposes Mario's question whether space is curved or straight.

The tip of the pencil, that is, the artistic practice allowed Marisa and Mario "an overtaking of conscience", the creation of an art that is marvelous and that goes beyond any aesthetic, political, sociological, semantic definition ... Art that is expression of their deepest thought of freedom.


Timetable and tickets


Via Limone, 24
10141 Turin


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