The Friuli Museum of Natural History is located in the historic center of the city of Udine. The Museum was inaugurated in 1866 as the nature section of the Civic Museum will of Giulio Andrea Pirona. Until the fifties the rich collections were kept mainly in the Cabinet of Natural History of the Royal Technical Institute "A. Zanon ". Only in 1983 following a restructuring and rearrangement of the rooms was inaugurated the Museum to new premises in Palazzo Giacomelli. Since 2016 the Museum has its official headquarters in the Former Slaughterhouse Via Sabbadini. The museum houses several thousands of naturalistic exhibits from the Friuli area. Many of the preserved remains are part of stunning historical collections. In many cases, these collections of great scientific importance finds. The exhibition path is divided into several sections: mineralogical and petrographic, geo-paleontological, paleontological and anthropological and botanical, zoological. One of the most significant collections is that Erbaria "Gortani" which includes locally sourced artefacts, such as the Carnia. The Herbarium has enormous scientific and historical value. The largest zoological collection is made up of 620,000 artefacts invertebrates and 18,000 vertebrates. The museum houses a library and media center specializing in natural history open to the public.

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Via Cecilia Gradenigo Sabbadini, 22/32
33100 Udine

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