The Museo del Risorgimento is located in the center of Trieste and was purpose-built by the architect Umberto Nordio in 1934. The Museum is a witness to the Garibaldi period to the First World War, thanks to the many artifacts stored here. The Museum of the Risorgimento, as well as being a monument ness of Trieste, is also a document of how the Italian character was depicted in the thirties. Documents, uniforms, relics, paintings and photographs tell the story of the events and characters that have contributed to the various local events. The exhibition winds through a thematic thread related to the participation of Trieste, Istria and Friuli to the revival and world-combatants in the army during the Great War. Of great value are the display cases containing the relics of Giuliani volunteers with frescoes by Carlo Sbisà, built in the thirties, and city representatives linked to Italy in 1918. Outside the Shrine is dedicated to the memory of William Obertan the cell of the martyr and the monument by Attilio Selva.

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Via XXIV Maggio, 4
34133 Trieste

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