Museum of the Battle of Anghiari

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Museum of the Battle and Anghiari

The notoriety of this medieval village is connected to a battle painted by Leonardo da Vinci. The clash took place at the foot of the town on 29 June 1440 between sides made up of men-at-arms in the service of Florence on one side and Milan on the other. Who won? What is the history of Leonardo's work?

The answers can be found in Piazza Mameli, the ancient Borghetto, where the Renaissance of this Tuscan town flourished. Inside the sixteenth-century Palazzo del Marzocco, the Museum of the Battle and Anghiari preserves and enhances the testimonies of the historical and artistic event, including a rare seventeenth-century work by the Flemish Gérard Edelinck, one of the most important copies of the missing Leonardo original , depicting the fight for the standard . To complement the classic exhibitions there is the exclusive digital documentation system with which all the drawings and paintings derived from Leonardo's work can be examined in detail.

Inside the museum there are also collections of objects and documents useful for reconstructing the history of Anghiari, which allow us to discover, for example, that in the 18th century the town had created an important production center of firearms, famous objects for the refinement of their decorations.


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Piazza Mameli, 1 - 2
52031 Anghiari


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