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Curated by: Massimo Rossi

The show

Benetton Studi Ricerche Foundation and Imago Mundi Foundation present, from 5 February to 29 May 2022, "TREVISO CONTEMPORANEA", a project that develops from an exhibition platform of three exhibitions in three different locations in the heart of the city of Treviso and which will act with the common theme "MAPPING THE WORLD".

The result of close collaboration between the two institutions, the three exhibitions will be set up in as many locations in the heart of the city - Ca 'Scarpa, the church of San Teonisto and the Gallerie delle Prigioni - and will act, each according to its own vision and code, at 'teaches a common theme, that of the very current need to "map the world" in historical and contemporary perception, from the traditional forms of cartographic reading of the terrestrial space to the artistic transcription in the relationship between experience and representation, up to the work of artists and communities from the Australian Aboriginal art world.

Divided into three sections, the exhibition considers globes of every age and origin as expressions of social conventions that have imposed boundaries, decreed the orientation to the south, north or east, reified the abstract concepts of power and domination, vehemently claimed the

its place in the world or conveyed intense emotions of fragility and beauty. offers a reflection on the dynamics of the construction of the image of the world with which we face every day. "Mind the Map!" tells the audacious human intellectual attempt to draw the earth's space and see it all together in a single graphic representation; invites us to pay attention to the map, to all maps, which are often used, wrongly, as a substitute for reality, lightly and thoughtlessly. Paying attention to them means entering worlds with significant and articulated complexity.


Works on display

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via Canova, 11
31100 Treviso


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