The Palazzo delle Arti Beltrani is located in the historic center of the city of Trani and houses the Ivo Scaringi Art Gallery. The Museum was inaugurated in 2009 at the behest of the Municipality of Trani, in order to enhance the city through modern and contemporary art. The institution is defined as a "multifunctional museum" and welcomes various types of art. The exhibition spaces host heterogeneous collections made up of the illustrious personalities who donated them to the city. The first floor houses the Pinacoteca dedicated to the artist Ivo Scaringi. Here you can find his paintings and the nineteenth century collections donated by the Ladogana, Lacalamita - Marcone, Ciccolani, di Renzo families and by the artist Matteo Masiello. Inside the palace there is a notable collection of texts of historical and artistic importance. The Palace is home to temporary exhibitions and cultural - tourist events.

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Via Beltrani, 51
76125 Trani


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