Polo del '900 di Torino

'900 Polo

Polo del ‘900 is an innovative, dynamic and open cultural centre aimed above all  at the new generations and at the new citizens. It is committed to promoting the civic and cultural growth of the citizenship in relation with the present and future issues of the society starting from the discussion about the history of the 20th century. 

Supported by the City of Turin, Piemonte Region and Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation, Polo del ‘900 consists of the buildings of San Daniele and San Celso which host a museum, event venues, exhibitions, performances, an outdoor cinema and a small cinema inside. 

It includes 25 institutions representing a reference point in the historic, social, economic and cultural research of the 20th century and in the safeguarding of the values of Resistance, democracy and freedom. 

The library and archival heritage consists of the assets of the partner institutions, combined and integrated through a systematization and enhancement process (including a digital one on the 9centRo hub and Unito index) of skills, resources and materials: 300.000 books, 200 current periodicals, an historical newspaper library, 130.000 photographs, 21.000 posters, 53.000 audiovisual media, 400.000 digitized documents. 


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Corso Valdocco, via del Carmine
10122 Torino


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