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Fondazione Merz, in collaboration with Archivio Emilio Prini, presents a solo exhibition conceived by the Merz Foundation as a tribute to the artist Emilio Prini (Stresa, 1943 - Rome, 2016) from Tuesday 29 October 2019 to Sunday 9 February 2020.

The exhibition curated by Beatrice Merz and Timotea Prini. A dutiful tribute from the Merz Foundation a controversial, elusive, certainly brilliant, ironic, authentic and provocative artist. The exhibition is also an opportunity to retrace a bond of friendship and deep respect between Emilio Prini and Mario Merz. For the first time a nucleus of over four works by Emilio Prini, from 1966 to 2016, is shown in the exhibition to activate a critical and historical reflection around the whole experience of one of the most interesting interests of Arte Povera.

The exhibition and setting up were conceived by the curators in accordance with the philosophy of the artist also thanks to the deep knowledge and closeness to the man Prini, friend and father. "Millo: a presence in our lives, a creative dialogue, a friend in work, in travel, a constant exchange in a climate full of sensitivity that has certainly affected his story like ours. His breaking the rules taught the possibility of grasping the value of contradiction and doubt, a passage of art in life. Today, personal experience is transformed into something to be studied and disseminated. This is why they are proud to present their work in the space dedicated to Mario and Marisa, an extremely topical work ready to be compared with the new generations and in line with the path that the Merz Foundation is taking, reflecting on its role, not only as a place of memory and conservation, but also as above all a mirror of an experimental art ", comments Beatrice Merz, co-curator of the exhibition and president of the Merz Foundation.

The subject of this special tribute to the enigmatic figure of Emilio Prini is the extreme research that has the characteristic feature of production, developed with other media including photography, writing and the sound text and articulated in different macro themes: negation and the cancellation of the work, the empty-full spatial relationship, the included standardization and the measure, the contrast between the visible and the invisible. The selection on display includes iconic works such as the Self-portrait (1968) and Perimetro misura a studio stanza (1968), sculptural works on the concept of standardization and research on photography as Vetrina (1974/75) or over 40,000 photos of Film TV, 5 minutes. (1969), in addition to the more recent project La Pimpa Il Vuoto (2008), built with images taken from the famous Altan comic strip. The exhibition itinerary is enriched by an extensive unpublished archive documentation that includes photo clippings, notes and sketches.

The works come from the Prini family collection, from private collectors who over the years have carefully followed the artist's work and by loans from public institutions, including the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein of Vaduz and the MASI of Lugano.


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Via Limone, 24
10141 Torino


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