The Lapidary Museum of Todi is located in the historic city center and is located inside the church of San Giovanni and in the two neighboring local Monastery of Lucretia. The Museum was founded in 2009 to house the collection of stone artifacts that belonged to the town. The collection is divided into two main chronological sections of Roman, medieval and modern. The first part exhibits artefacts come from tombs, is the necropolis and by other types of burials. For example, part of the section: monumental tombs with Doric friezes and metopes, urns, plaques with dedications and are marble. Of great interest is definitely funeral altar in white marble reused as holy water. The second section features decorative elements and sculptures that were originally intended to major attractions of the city. The coats of arms, inscriptions, tombstones and the measurement standards are an important historical evidence and religious city. Of historical importance it is also the tombstone with inscription of 1248 Pontecuti castle reminiscent of the works of construction of the bridge.

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Via del Vescovado, 12
06059 Todi

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