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The Civic Museum and the Pinacoteca di Todi is located in the historic center of the city in Piazza del Popolo. The museum is located inside the Palazzo del Capitano and the Palazzo del Popolo. The organization's goal is to sum up and tell the city's history showing the items found in the city and the territory. The museum collection is divided into several sections: archeology, numismatics, fabrics, ceramics and finally the Art Gallery. The archaeological collection is certainly the most important and rich in variety and quality of the exhibits. This museum of pottery evidenced by the numerous trade with the Roman colonies Todi and Orvieto. Mostly you will find ceramics in greek style with black and red figures, female and architectural terracotta ornaments. The votive finds are an important part of the collection: you can see a copy of the famous Mars of Todi, now housed in the Vatican Museums. The numismatic section is noteworthy with its 1475 findings. Of great interest is the marble slab of 900 - 1000 with the image of Christ the Redeemer and San Cassiano and San Fortunato. The gallery displays works of the Middle Ages and the modern age, with particular attention to Giovanni di Pietro said the Spain and Ferraù Fenzoni said Faenzone."

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Piazza del Popolo
06059 Todi

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