The Campanile di San Fortunato of Todi is located in the heart of the city. The Campanile from the fifteenth century and is attached to the church of San Fortunato. It is believed, according to official documents, that the bell tower was built in 1327. The building is famous for its panoramic views that can be enjoyed from the top with a unique view of both the city over the Umbrian valley. The bell tower was originally used as a lookout and strategic point of the city's defense. Of great interest is the biggest bell, the sound reaches the villages of the Umbrian valley. Until a few years ago he was rung by hand and was left in an opposite position to its degree. A toppled glass and a stick pointed at the ground were left on the bell. Once removed the stick left the bell gave a very loud ringing. Currently you can access the bell tower with guided tours to groups.

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Piazza Umberto I, 6
06059 Todi

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