The Tindari Archaeological Park is located in the town of Patti, in the province of Messina in Sicily. The town is also known by the names Tindaride, Tindarida and Tindario of Greek and Roman origin. The ancient city included the Acropolis, a wall that surrounded by more than 3 km, the Basilica, the Theater, the domus, the public baths and a series of parallel streets which intersect with narrower roads and Decumanus. The Basilica and the Theater are the political and cultural center of the Roman city. Today are partially preserved, thanks to the recent restorations carried out. Del theater remains the only facility of the auditorium and the stage section of the building in three orders. Walking through the streets of the old town you will come across in the famous "Domus", ie the old aristocratic houses. The plants of the Domus are still visible today and have mosaic floors, columns with Corinthian capitals - Italic terracotta and Doric columns. The Archaeological Park is home to the famous public baths of the imperial age. They are preserved mosaics in black and white and environments with rooms for cold and hot water. Concludes the path a little antiquarium grouping, five meeting rooms, a selection of finds from the excavations and sorted in chronological order. They are part of the collection: bronze objects, Latin inscriptions, terracotta vases, glass, marble sculptures and architectural decorations.

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Via del Teatro Greco
98066 Tindari

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