The Regional Gallery of Palazzo Bellomo is located in Ortigia, in the historic center of Syracuse. The Museum was inaugurated in 1948 and is located in the homonymous palace of medieval origin. The Regional Gallery is defined the "Bargello Siracusano" and collects a collection of medieval and modern art. The collection tells the historical-artistic culture of the city of Syracuse and the south-eastern Sicilian province. The collection includes works from the Byzantine age to the eighteenth century. Most of the works on display come from churches and convents in Sicily which were acquired after the law on the suppression of religious orders; others came through private purchases and donations. The exhibition follows a chronological order and is divided between the first and second floors. On the ground floor, however, the carriages of the eighteenth century are exhibited. Among the works of the section of medieval sculptures we remember the artists Francesco Laurana, Giovan Battista Mazzollo and Gagini. The Pinacoteca houses the masterpieces of medieval and modern art, one of them all: the Annunciation by Antonello da Messina, who underwent an important restoration campaign in the twentieth century. The tour ends with a small nucleus of decorative arts consisting of nativity scenes, wallpapers, ceramics and silverware.

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Via Capodieci, 14 - 16,
96100 Syracuse


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