The current Valtellinese Museum of History and Art was the historical residence of the family Sassi de 'Lavizzari in the historic center of Sondrio was built in the sixteenth century and rebuilt in the eighteenth. The most interesting room, located on the first floor, is the "stua", a typical element of the Alpine area completely covered with wood paneling. The building is now owned by the city and houses the Valtellina Museum of History and Art, founded in 1947. The focus is the collection of objects formerly belonging to the painter Pietro Ligari, his family and his descendants, including paintings, manuscripts, drawings , prints, plaster sculptures, books and objects the artist's studio. The introduction in 1963 of the section of the Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art with paintings, wooden sculptures and examples of gold craftsmanship has increased the exhibits. The museum's collections ranging from archeology to contemporary art and offers various educational services for young people and adults (workshops and temporary exhibitions).

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Via Maurizio Quadrio, 27
23100 Sondrio


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