The National Museum Giuseppe Garibaldi Memorial

The National Museum Giuseppe Garibaldi Memorial is located on the island of La Maddalena. The Memorial Giuseppe Garibaldi, in an advanced multimedia exhibition environment and very attractive, illustrates the deeds and life of the Hero of Two Worlds. Located in the former Forte Arbuticci, the tour route takes place on four exhibition blocks. E 'strictly it is forbidden for safety reasons, advancing in the outdoor areas. An innovative and surprising museum that through engaging multimedia facilities, offers a virtual journey in life and in the General companies. The four main bodies of the fort are divided into thirteen sections, each dedicated to a period or a significant aspect of the General life. Each has about two hundred pieces, including works and documents retrace his life, his deeds and his travels on five continents. Most of the exhibits belong to the collection Collector Maddalena Mario Birardi, with some important documents from the historical archives of the City of La Maddalena. Outside, in addition to the terraces where you can enjoy a wonderful view over the archipelago and the coast of Corsica, it is Piazza Italy, the realization of sculpture and mosaic that also offers a moment of rest to visitors of an exhibition and the block 'other.

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Str. Cala Garibaldi - Arbuticci
07024 Caprera - La Maddalena


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