National Giuseppe Garibaldi Memorial Museum

The Giuseppe Garibaldi National Memorial Museum

The Giuseppe Garibaldi National Memorial Museum is built on a late 19th century Savoy Fort in Caprera, La Maddalena Island.

Entirely dedicated to the Hero of the Two Worlds, the historical-documentary itinerary tells the figure of the General and is part, together with the Garibaldi Compendium, of the Caprera Museum System.

Divided into four exhibition blocks, the visit offers a journey into the life and enterprises of Giuseppe Garibaldi. About two hundred pieces, including works and documents, retrace his life, his exploits and his wanderings in the five continents. Most of the relics on display belong to the collection of the Maddalenino collector Mario Birardi, with some important documents from the historical archive of the Municipality of La Maddalena.

Furthermore, through cutting-edge multimedia devices, which require interaction with the public, the visitor can experience an engaging experience, also enriched by the natural landscape that surrounds the entire complex.


Timetable and tickets


Str. Cala Garibaldi - Arbuticci
07024 Caprera - La Maddalena


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