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The show

Empty is the widespread exhibition of the "sculptor of the void" Giuseppe Guanci , scheduled in Sarteano, from Saturday 16 April to Sunday 21 August, curated by Stella Severini. The reference to the void (in English, in fact, Empty ) characterizes all of Guanci's sculptures, made with a very thin thread with which, in fact, he “draws” figures in the void. A void, even a conceptual one, from which any form, both physical and of dialogue, which would otherwise be impossible, can emerge. Guanci's dialogue with the works of the past continues in Sarteano , for every single place of the exhibition, with a work conceptually linked to it.

In the Archaeological Museum the dialogue will be with one of the main archaeological jewels of Sarteano, namely the Tomb of the infernal quadriga , of which Guanci will revisit the three-dimensional bust of Charun.

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Via Roma, 24
53047 Sarteano


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