Villa of the Seven Basses

The villa dei Sette Bassi is one of the largest and most magnificent villas of the Roman countryside, second only to the Villa dei Quintili by extension. The large archaeological area is located on the right of via Tuscolana, near the intersection with via delle Capannelle. Its imposing structures are also visible from the road and can be accessed by entering the long tree-lined avenue that reaches the heart of the archaeological area. The imposing remains have received the attention of scholars since the eighteenth century. The consistency of the ruins was such that it was considered a city in its own right, hence the epithet 'Old Rome'. Studies conducted by the English archaeologist Thomas Ashby and by the architect Nicolae Lupu, contributed to the construction of the model of the Villa now exhibited at the Museum of Roman civilization at EUR. The complex is owned by the Appia Antica Archaeological Park, which recently carried out a series of conservative interventions and made the area safe.

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Via Tuscolana, 1700
00173 Rome

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