Royal Academy of Spain in Rome

Royal Academy of Spain in Rome

The Royal Academy of Spain in Rome is located in the splendid convent complex of San Pietro in Montorio , located in the place where tradition placed the martyrdom of the Apostle St. Peter.

The convent complex that houses the Real Academia di Spagna is part of the Trastevere district and the Tempietto del Bramante, located inside it, is undoubtedly its most famous architecture: considered one of the most significant examples of Renaissance architecture , it exemplifies some of the fundamental themes, such as the central plan, the revival of ancient Roman architecture and the proportional and geometric research in the relationship between the parts.

Since 1873, the year it was created, the Spanish Academy in Rome has played a fundamental role in the education of many generations of Spanish artists and intellectuals. Even today, the Spanish Academy in Rome continues to be an essential tool in Spanish cultural policy abroad. It is an institution of the General Administration of the State abroad whose primary objective is to contribute to the artistic and humanistic training of creators, restorers and researchers , with the aim of obtaining a greater cultural presence of Spain in Italy, a better understanding of cultures of both countries and a closer cultural link between Spain and Latin America.


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Piazza di S. Pietro in Montorio, 3
00153 Rome


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