The Antiquarium of Lucrezia Romana is a new museum in the Roman suburbs created to tell the story of the Appio Tuscolano territory from the prehistoric and protohistoric times up to the Middle Ages. With its 500 square meters of exhibition, it is composed of five rooms distributed in two buildings where the finds that emerged from archaeological investigations carried out in a large sector of the south-eastern suburbs of Rome in the last 25 years are placed. Through the materials found during the excavations, in fact, the history of the territory is documented, ranging from Quadraro to Grotteferrata, including Osteria del Curato, Tor Vergata, Morena, Romanina, Centroni, Cinecittà, Anagnina, Appio-Tuscolano. The exhibits on display include above all funerary objects: gold jewelry, small jewels and earrings, vases and oil lamps as well as everyday objects for women (make-up containers, tweezers, spatulas) and children. There is no shortage of precious mosaics, coins, frescoes and glass and fragments of the precious decorations from the villas and tombs that dotted the area in the imperial era. Among these, an elegant architectural terracotta of the Augustan age, a portrait head in the Hellenistic style and three faces of divinities in terracotta. Among the marbles stand out a Dionysian herm, an alabaster basin and a splendid statue of Hermaphrodite.

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Via Lucrezia Romana, 62
00178 Rome

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