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The story of the relationship between structural engineering, be it vernacular or avant-garde, and the invasion of technology into our operational and vital spaces.

The exhibition is organized around two sections which correspond to the two great universes, that of technological innovation and that of construction engineering.

Along the first route, developed in collaboration with universities and research centres, we will discover interactive installations and pavilions, which will allow us to understand the role that scientific and technological sectors have today that we once would not have imagined having to approach architecture: from science applied to the environment, to "smart" devices for city management; from the obsession with big data to the recovery of vintage and low-tech assembly techniques.

Along the second, organized by thematic areas, we find the works of the great structural engineers from the post-war period to today, highlighting the various approaches, the symbolic buildings such as the Beaubourg or the Sidney Opera, and the most striking cases in which the task of form-finder falls completely on the structural designer.


Works on display

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Via Guido Reni, 4a
00196 Rome


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