The Museum of the Middle Ages is housed in the Palace of Eur Sciences and is part of the Museum of Civilizations. The Museum was founded with the aim of providing Rome, an archaeological museum post-classical age and to promote research on a strategic period for the study of the transformation of the ancient world. The Collections include many works of late ancient Rome (IV-VI sec.), Lombard employment in Umbria and the Marches (VI-VII sec.) Which date back weapons, jewelry, ivory, glass and bronze pottery and ceramics. The subsequent Carolingian period is illustrated by a large group of marble reliefs from the architectural decoration of the churches of Rome and Lazio, deeply renovated at the time of the Carolingian Renaissance (IX-X sec.). At the same time belong to the furniture and everyday objects from two farms of the Papal Foundation, the domusculte S. Cornelia and St. Rufina, created in the Roman countryside for the supply of the city (end VIII-X century. ) and persisted with other functions to the full Middle Ages. The route continues with the collection "Coptic" constituted by reliefs and fabrics that have a significant exemplification of Egypt artistic production late antique and early medieval (V-X sec.). Concludes the way a section dedicated to the complete reconstruction of the extraordinary decoration inlaid with colored marbles (opus sectile) which decorated a monumental domus room outside Porta Marina in Ostia Antica from the late fourth century A.D. It is the specimen of the decoration in opus sectile late antiquity almost completely recovered.

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Viale Lincoln, 3
00144 Roma

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