The Civic Museum of Zoology Rome, situated in an area adjacent to the zoo, and adjacent to the beautiful Villa Borghese park, collects the tradition of active Roman natural history collections at the papal courts since 1790 and the Cabinet of Zoology University Pontificia. It was founded in 1932 and today is part of the City Museum in system. The collections of the Museum of Zoology have great scientific value with unique materials in Italy and Europe. Of great importance is the ornithological section. The museum, which is included in the list of scientific museums of the Ministry of national importance for the University and Scientific Research, is home entomological collections, malacological, osteological, ornithology, herpetology, ichthyologic and related to mammals for over four million copies. The Civic Museum of Zoology has assets of about 5 million preserved specimens, ranging from the shells of shellfish a few millimeters to the whale 16 meters. These collections are derived in part from an agreement with the then Royal University of Rome (La Sapienza today) which also collected the prestigious collections of the Archiginnasio Pontificio, in part by donations made after its establishment. However, most of this immense wealth is kept in special warehouses, and is available to researchers who request it for study or exposed on special occasions. The museum is therefore a veritable archive of biodiversity, as well as an asset for the whole community. The theme behind the new exhibition is biodiversity in the animal world. Through the halls of bestial love, living on the edge, the coral reefs, wetlands of the Roman countryside, the Arrigoni collection of birds Oddi, mammals, amphibians and reptiles at the spectacular hall of skeletons, also using multimedia and multisensory, visitors will learn about the different animal forms and understand the origin and adaptations to various types of environment. Standing out among the collections of malacologia (branch of zoology that studies mollusks) about 3 million pieces of Monterosato Marquis, that also includes the Brugnone collection.

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Via Ulisse Aldrovandi, 18
00100 Roma


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