La Fondazione

La Fondazione

The Nicola Del Roscio Foundation presents the non-profit cultural project The Foundation. A new space in the heart of Rome, open to the city and aimed at the global art scene in the name of research and support for the arts of our time. The venue, in a splendid 1920s building located between Piazza di Spagna and Via del Tritone, will be inaugurated with a collective exhibition, curated by Pier Paolo Pancotto, which brings together the works of Geta Brătescu, Adrian Ghenie, Ciprian Mureşan, Şerban Savu .

The program includes the production of original exhibitions by artists of international importance but still little known in Italy, together with a calendar of in-depth appointments with precious and unusual cinematographic, musical and literary proposals. Particular attention will be given to the themes of science, the environment and biodiversity, as is the tradition of the Nicola Del Roscio Foundation, which for years has been involved in the management of the Botanical Garden of Monte Orlando in Gaeta: an interesting Italian experience of acclimatization and protection of subtropical flora, in particular of the palms, and of conservation of botanical species in danger of extinction in their places of origin. The Foundation takes up residence in via Francesco Crispi 18, in a building in the heart of Rome dating back to the 1920s: about 700 square meters, featuring an oval-shaped hall, intended to host the exhibitions produced by the institution. The large entrance, which overlooks via Crispi with a large glass door, will be transformed into a sort of project room complementary to the main exhibition. This space, visible from the outside at night as well as during the day, intends to operate as a sort of invitation to enter the dimension of art aimed at everyone and underlines the idea of ​​openness, sharing and dialogue that are the basis of the project. There is also another aspect that makes the building in via Francesco Crispi an emblematic place for the city; between the thirties and sixties of the twentieth century, these spaces housed the Florida Theater, a multifunctional environment dedicated to theatrical staging, cinema and nightlife, whose sign still remains in the memory of many Romans and is preserved among the stills from the film Thieves of bicycles (1948) by Vittorio De Sica.


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Via Francesco Crispi, 18
00187 Roma


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