Spazio Rivoluzione

Spazio Rivoluzione

Immersed in the historic center of Palermo, from an idea by the Sicilian artist Adalberto Abbate, Spazio Rivoluzione was born, which takes the name but also the symbolism from the place that hosts it. Piazza Rivoluzione sees in the center the statue of the Genius where the people gathered, during the riots of 1820 and 1848, to protest against the Bourbon dynasty. 

The project stems from the desire to manage in an absolutely autonomous and independent way a place that is not only free from the harsh market laws and elite systems, but which is also a space for the regeneration of thought that reflects on the political and anthropological layer in a moment history of strong ideological conflicts.


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Piazza della Rivoluzione, 9
90133 Palermo


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