The Montemartini was a thermal power station on the Via Ostiense in Rome. Today is the second exhibition center of the Capitoline Museums, and one of the most innovative examples of conversion into a museum of an industrial building, the first public facility of Rome, for the production of electricity. The vast spaces of the Central Montemartini, punctuated by gigantic machines survivors, were considered more suitable than ever to experiment with new museological solutions. It now houses about 400 Roman statues, now on display at the Capitoline Museums or recovered from rich local deposits, along with inscriptions and mosaics, in a stunning setting of industrial archeology. Two diametrically opposed worlds, archeology and industrial archeology, were first approached by the courageous exhibition design the machines and the gods, open to the public in October 1997. The public's interest in consolidated pre the new exhibition space, so much so that temporary experiment ran in 2001 to the creation of a permanent home: the Centrale Montemartini Museum. Since then the museum, a branch of the Capitoline Museums, has been enriched with new spaces and new archaeological finds, exposing works that had remained closed over the years in the stores and subtracted to the general public. In November 2016, after some renovations, the museum was expanded with the opening of a new hall, where an exhibition of the famous coaches of the train of Pius IX.

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Via Ostiense , 106
00154 Roma


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