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Seven interpreters, among the leading designers on the international scene, called to question themselves and to propose their vision on as many themes and functions of living. Bêka & Lemoine, Humberto Campana, Didier Fiuza Faustino, Sou Fujimoto, Konstantin Grcic, Martí Guixé, Patricia Urquiola, are the protagonists of Casa Mondo, the first digital exhibition project of MAXXI, entirely conceived and developed for Instagram, which will start on next Thursday 18 June on the dedicated account @MAXXICasaMondo.


The project, curated by Domitilla Dardi and Elena Tinacci, involves research dedicated to this transformation, a reflection on the house through a series of posts on an Instagram profile of the author, "set up" and edited by Studio Formafantasma.


The seven designers will deal with as many zones or functional areas of the house: homeworking, learning, care, open windows, exploring, threshold, food. The authors will take turns as protagonists of the account for a week and their projects will be translated in post form using different languages, from digital drawing to rendering, from watercolor to collage, from animation to video.

The alternation of individual projects will be marked by the publication of historical materials (photographs, videos, drawings, essays extracts): theoretical foundations of current research, which today constitute the "foundations" of the Casa Mondo.

Casa Mondo because our homes, in these months of lockdown, have expanded to include a series of experiences and functions that previously took place outside.

Casa Mondo is a choral project under construction, a profile that, like the construction site of a house, will grow and take shape over time.



DESIGNER AND AREAS: Humberto Campana | Open Windows: windows have always been the link between inside and outside in architecture. The dialogue with the world has historically depended on their shape, on their predominance, but also the sense of protection, up to extreme cases such as that of the Glass Houses. In the Casa Mondo, open windows can be the only contact with the outside world or even a great opportunity to investigate other windows: those of our inner world.

Konstantin Grcic | Learning: the function of learning is often relegated to the internal space, indoors, to the concentration of a study or a private corner. Today, the connection with the network leads us to a continuous learning of indirect information, to a visual and not physical contact, to a knowledge through a device. How does this affect the definition of our knowledge?

Martí Guixé | Food: the consumption of food has its historically defined and identified space in the distribution of domestic spaces: feeding ourselves is one of the essential vital functions. In the Casa Mondo, the consumption, storage and preparation of food experiences an exploded and widespread dimension that often crosses the borders of the home. Food is a real bridge with the world, even if more and more often it is a virtual connection.

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Via Guido Reni, 4a
00196 Roma


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