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Curated by: Michela Goffredo, Federica Maida, Giacomo Melilla, Arianna Felicetti, Alice Bazzichelli, Valentina Vidotto, Lorenzo Ancona, Sofia Sabatucci, Jacopo Ventura

The event

A meeting to deepen the modern relationship between young people and art, the key role it plays in periods of human frailty, and to connect this deep bond to the world of politics and social innovation.

In a particular period such as that of the Covid-19 pandemic, the difficulties to which everyone, but in particular the younger generations, are exposed every day have only amplified. Anxiety, fears and insecurities knocked on the doors of boys and girls of all ages who, if they screamed inside, did not make enough noise outside and remained silent, ignored.

The aim of this meeting is to send a message of solidarity and hope, inviting the fragile and the insecure to feel part of a community, sharing the difficulties, but at the same time the great opportunities that can emerge from a context in which, as after every crisis, everything has been questioned and in which the concept of balance has been upset.

The hope is to exit the debate with ambitious and secure perspectives and with a renewed commitment to mutual listening between young people and institutions. Modernity with its challenges has catapulted us into a new reality: unpredictable, chaotic, but with infinite possibilities and even wider horizons. The word and comparison have always been the most precious gift of humanity, with the word we can build the future.

free admission upon reservation

17:00 -18: 30

Timetable and tickets


Via Guido Reni, 4a
00196 Roma


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